Gallery Rental

It's Your Turn to Shine

Rent our walls for your next amazing show!


The Space


We have a lovely gallery with natural and track lighting. We will work to beat any deal in town, so if you find a comparable space for a better price, let us know!


Your Contract


Here are the basics:

  • Unless otherwise stipulated, contracts are per month

  • We support your creative visions, but for shows requiring more than nail holes, we ask that you return the space to the state in which you found it.

  • Work must be delivered/picked up within two days of your show begin/end date

  • Your work must be ready to hang/show
  • We believe artists and gallery relationships are important and we will work with you regarding rental fees and commissions.

want to bring a plus one?


If you would like to do a group show, we welcome you to split the costs with a friend (or several!). All of you will sign a contract and agree to a single rental rate and commission percentage.


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