Just an Update!

Summer is here! Warm weather, beautiful days. Perfect for pursuing your passion for photography, plein air painting, sculpting outside, working on your latest novel, outdoor concerts, the possibilities are endless! Let your inner artist shine in the summer sun!

There really isn't a whole lot new going on right now, but I wanted to let everyone know we are still here, and still working diligently to get theTRAC up and running!

Just a few things we've been up to lately...

* We've reached out to possible investors who would like to help us start up theTRAC

* We've been applying for loans to aid in purchasing a building

* We've continued to search for the perfect location

* We've been contacting amazing artists, asking them to join theTRAC Team!

* We've continued creating great art!

We are still accepting donations to help us get started, so please be sure to check our our GoFundMe site here to donate now! Thank you so much for supporting the arts!!

Stay tuned, stay intrigued... We are still in this for the long haul, and cannot wait to start this all off with a BANG!!

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