Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Y'all, (yes, y'all, we are in the South after all), theTRAC exists in real space and time!

It's 2020, the year of seeing clearly and we have begun it with a bang and a brick-and-mortar! On January 13th we signed a lease, and on February 1st, the month of LOVE! we open our doors.

It has been an emotional ride, and we cannot thank our die-hard fans enough for sticking with us as we've climbed, slid backward, climbed some more, and at long last reached the peak.

So what have we been up to? Let's see. Mostly, working. I've been writing, helping other like-businesses get going, partnering with the Tapp's Outpost (briefly, but satisfyingly), and Gallery 731 (permanently, and excitingly, more info to come!), and getting all the little duckies running in more or less a semi-directional cluster. We've applied for our business license and gotten zoning approval, waiting on possession of keys to get the Building Inspector and Fire Marshall to sign off to finalize that, and nailing down POS systems, business insurance, and filing for taxes (wee...)! In addition to that, we've been hard at work planning and curating our inaugural show that will light up our first gallery event like a fireworks display! It's called Amuse-Bouche: A Little Bite of Everything and will feature artists near and far as delicious taste of what theTRAC will be showcasing over the months to come. So far we have 14 artists and solidifying more by the hour, so it's going to be a show to remember. FEBRUARY 7, 2020 - WRITE IT DOWN!

Additionally, looking for artists to rent our studio space, and teach classes so we can grow this beautiful little bud into a thriving garden of amazing opportunities for the whole community to enjoy.

What would you like to see at theTRAC? Leave us some love, send us a suggestion, drop us a line, but as always,

Stay Creative, my loves!


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