TRAC Fan Page

Here's what our fans are saying about theTRAC!

"I love that theTRAC's main goal is to be a place to launch and support local artists and teachers."

"I feel it's important to support local artist initiatives that strive to put artists and their work first."

"I want to be a part of theTRAC because I believe in art. I believe in its ability to save the lost. I believe in its power to shape ideas and sharpen the minds. Art speaks to the future. It's magic in those ways. I want to be part of a collective that is committed to sharing this magic with the world."

"I want to be a part of theTRAC because I would love to be a part a positive team that is looking out for the art community."

"I want to become a TRAC Team member because I want to support artists of all kinds. Every artist is as important to the world of art as the art is."